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Feeling snowed in

Well, hello there! It’s been awhile since we chatted. So, what’s new? Over here, it’s snow.

North Texas has been hit with record snow fall this weekend. More than 12″ in some places, we recorded 11″ on our back porch. This is more snow than has ever fallen in Texas in my lifetime.

I should have made a snowman. Or a snow-dalek. But, instead the missus and I hid indoors and watched the snow fall outside with mugs of hot cocoa in our hands. Oh, and we watched with great interest as the tree in our front yard got lower and lower to the ground. Three major limbs snapped under the weight of the snow – a 20 year old Oak.

Fortunately, that was the only damage we suffered. We also managed not to lose power or Internet the whole weekend, where many in North Texas were not so lucky. The news says over 200,000 homes and businesses were without power, and as of today only 50,000 have had it restored. Yikes! Let’s hope everyone is warm again soon. And that this is the end of the snowfall this year.


  1. Snow dalek would be really cool! Did you get the letter I sent a few weeks ago?

  2. Yes, I did! Thank you! You were much too generous. I’ve been meaning to write a proper reply (on paper and everything!), but I’m a bit tardy on that.

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