This past year, some big things have happened for me.   First, I changed jobs…sort of.     I still work in the same company, but I’ve moved from being a Technical Trainer with the Tech Support department, to being a ‘System Engineer’ in the Release Management 1)Yes, this is an ITIL term. team.   This means I help shepherd software from the developers out to all the servers and workstations in our little world.

It’s a marked change for me…for about 20 years now 2)ouch…now I feel old, I’ve worked in some form of tech support.   Even up to the last 8 years as a trainer.   I wasn’t always on the front lines, but I was always there, fighting to make Windows PCs work for users who’d rather be doing something other than fighting with their PCs.   Now, I’m doing a variety of things: installing services and daemons on UNIX servers, packaging and deploying windows software, and on and on.

I’ve been working so hard to reach a point where I felt like I was accomplishing something on more than just a person-by-person basis.   In Training, I felt I was going to reach that point…but I didn’t.   Lots of reasons, and I might do a post-mortem some time, but not now.   Suffice it to say, I need to grow.   I needed a change.   My new job is fantastic.   I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water some days, but on others I do feel occasional bursts of brilliance.

Sometimes, when you’re in a comfortable little groove, you forget how exciting and thrilling leaving that groove and striking out in a new direction can be.

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1. Yes, this is an ITIL term.
2. ouch…now I feel old