This is my journal, a random smattering of what I’m thinking, doing, or more likely just thinking about doing.   Hopefully, it’ll become a creative outlet for those little bits of my brain that took over back in college when I decided being a physics major wasn’t quite what I’d hope for and gosh, those english lit classes are so much more fun.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.   So, when he couldn’t hack it he scampered off to a liberal arts degree. Well, yes.   You see, when I went into physics it had such an alure…there’s a scientist/engineering living deep in my soul.   I like knowing that somewhere, somehow things make sense.   I may not have figured it out, but there’s ways to do that sort of thing.   Physics, you see, likes to take everything apart and put it back together again.   I’d been doing that to every toy I’d had since I was five.

When you’re young, your parents like to tell you, “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!”   While it might work on a metaphorical level, practically speaking this is a load of poo.   Now, physicists might be a bit like Buddhists trying to become one with everything, or at least trying to be able to point at everything and say, “see that?   I get it.”   But you see, in either profession you really only get anywhere if you devote your entire life to things.   In college, most of us can’t sort out our schedule for the semester, let alone the rest of our lives.

So after a few years as a physics major, I start to see the scope of things and realize I just don’t want to tie up that much of my brain.   It’s too full of other things, like old episodes of Doctor Who (mostly the Tom Baker stuff), all the Star Trek movies (even the crappy ones), all the novels of Susan Cooper, Lois McMaster Bujold, Terry Pratchett, and a fair bit of Heinlein, Asimov, and even Donald Westlake.

Sorry, I was doing such a good job of painting myself a truly spectacular Sci-Fi geek, and had to throw Westlake in there.   What can I say?   Mystery is right next to Science Fiction in most bookstores…it’s right there!

Anyway, there was all that, video games, rpgs, and all sorts of other fairly useless nonsense.   Then I sat down and looked at that phrase, useless nonsense.   For all the time we spend taking the universe apart and putting it back together (or, you know, stuff like inventing central air conditioning) we spend an awfuly lot of time amusing ourselves with books, games, movies, and more.   Useless nonsense.

Well, is it?   After those high school literature classes where your entire impression of classic literature is, “let’s play spot the symbolism,” when you take those courses in college you start noticing what these scholarly types are up to is the same thing the authors were, in fact, going about which is this: they were trying to take apart the universe and see what makes it tick.   Only they weren’t working with matter and energy, the were working with heart and soul and taking apart people from the inside.

If you’d like to go over-the-top philosophical with me,   Art is the yin, science is the yang.

So, he became a liberal arts major. Yeah, I did.   And I went out and got a job working with computers.   I’m dead smart with them, too.   First I was fixing them, then I was helping other people fix them, and now I’m teaching people how to fix them.   With classrooms, and books, and everything.   I’ve even written much of it.   I like it, because beyond just fixing someone’s computer I’m actually reaching someone and leaving them with more than they started with.   And that’s what this blog is about, hopefully all of us leaving with more than we started with.